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Q&A With Michelle Diane

Are you a Nu-Afrikan
"Nope; been African all my life. :-)"

Interviewed by james harris 11/16/10

Are you considered a leader or a follower? Please explain...
"I'm certainly not a follower, but you'd have to ask the folks around me if I'm a leader. I am an example and I strive to walk in the love and excellence I call for from all of us."

Interviewed by Cynthia Merrill Artis 11/14/10

Do you think elementary school children of color could benefit from being taught about the historical of achievements of people who look like them? If
"I believe all children benefit from accurate knowledge of their history, both achievements and missteps. I think African American children, particularly post-integration, are increasingly denied such knowledge. The ramifications of the failure to ground our children in the truths of both history and current realities are manifest in the exorbitant/disproportionate murder, incarceration and suicide (HIV) rates ravaging our communities. I believe it is equally important to have an accurate historical knowledge of the folks who don't look like them. Key word: accurate. The old folks used to say, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer;" take it as you will. Though, in 2009, I see little reason to defend against or even attack either the lies or the liars; I think it imperative we stay alert, awake and above the deception. We are empowered to wield Truth, to the extent we've learned to recognize and reject the lies. "

Interviewed by Janet Griffin 08/01/09

What book have you read that changed your life?
"Understanding The Purpose and Power of Woman by Myles Munroe"

Interviewed by Pam Perry 10/01/08

(interview me)
Michelle Diane
Writer/Editor, Self

Location: DFW, TX United States
Birthday: Jan 6th
Joined: Aug 27th, 2008
About   (request update)
I am enigma. I'm a well educated thug minister of God's word. I've got a big mouth, a "black coffee" way with words and a heart that, though shattered several times, is overflowing with love.

I tend to be a homebody. I like quiet times, good books and great films. I'm fascinated and talented with words; reading and writing bring me much joy and peace.

I own and operate:
Not Ur Momma's News, NUMN Publications and All Things NUMN

My Interview Question
Is truth absolute or subjective?
Current Whereabouts:

Equipping an army to take the kingdom of Heaven.

Empowering, educating and activating African America to walk in Divine authority; and let he that would be greatest among you be servant to all.

Supporting, facilitating and creating cyber opportunities for African America to weld and strengthen our collective economic, sociopolitical and spiritual bonds.

Giving glory to God for the metamorphic growth I/NUMN has experienced in the past year and being thankful for your love, support and prayers. They have brought me/us this far; they strengthen and motivate me/us to go forward and I am so grateful.

Publishing Not Ur Momma’s News

Working with online entrepreneurs and becoming entrepreneurs to fortify their confidence, focus their vision and identify and engage their target market.

Life & Professional Aspirations:

My everyday prayer is-God when they look at me, let them see you.

My vision is to share the love of God and bring the knowledge of the Goddess (Wisdom) to the nations.

My vehicle is words.

Education   (request update)
UT at Arlington class of 2012
Undergrad Major: Public Administration
High School: Thomas Jefferson in Denver, CO class of 1973
Activities & Accomplishments:
Facilitated the first panel gathering of African American professionals in a Denver High School
Best Memories:
I survived. I was one of less than 20 AA kids in the school and with a white dad and Black mom I pretty much didn't fit anywhere. Half-breed and oreo were painful and hard to swallow.
I currently work with Self as Writer/Editor
I have 34 years of experience working in the Arts, Entertainment, and Media industry.
Sunday Special Sunday Special
1 Days Only – Start Your Business Today 4 Week eCourse – LESS THAN 60% OFF Just $9.99 – regular $24.99 Don’t miss out; this deal goes away when I wake up Monday morning. Enroll Today ...more
Posted by Michelle Diane on January 31st, 2010 • 694 Views
Get OFF Your Buts! Get OFF Your Buts!
Stop making excuses. Take a Nike attitude and just do it. Find out how to “Start Your Business Today Without One Thin Dime” and discover 12 no cost ways to begin making money online in less t ...more
Posted by Michelle Diane on January 25th, 2010 • 746 Views
Calling All Brothers - This TEAM is for You Calling All Brothers - This TEAM is for You
NUMN/Pillars of the Bridge are organizing a Men’s Masterminding Team under the leadership of Brother Robert Gray of Xpressions Limos. ( This is our first Men Only Team ...more
Posted by Michelle Diane on January 5th, 2010 • 650 Views
Domestic Violence - My Two Cents Domestic Violence - My Two Cents
Most of my life when folks would ask about my childhood, I would sum up the whole experience with, “Momma beat everybody in the house but daddy, and daddy beat up everybody.” Momma was at least predic ...more
Posted by Michelle Diane on January 2nd, 2010 • 93,517 Views
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Good to meet a young lady in the Arts and Entertainment Field. Thanks for sharing your story. May God continue to Bless your future.
Tagged by WILLIE DYCKS on 06/16/2011  
hey michelle finally its what we want Top pros helping
Tagged by Tristan Curry on 01/17/2010  
Hey Michelle see your online nothing in particular just reaching out I really searching for business partners throughout the country if you like i am will to continue in a realationship non formal with you which will be very lucurative like your site
Tagged by Tristan Curry on 12/12/2009  
Hello Michelle. How's everything? Going well I hope. take care!
Tagged by Heather Kollar on 07/21/2009  
Thank you for sharing information. If you are into poetry, read my poem and if you like my poem add me as a friend.
Tagged by Herb McC on 07/02/2009  
Give me the time & Date that I can put it on my calendar and I will be waitng on your call
Tagged by Min Sammy Jackson on 02/04/2009  
Tagged by CHARLES MILLS on 10/02/2008  
Tagged by Solomon Johnson on 09/29/2008  
Thanks for the contact. Make sure to visit and sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of financial information that affects the Black Community
Tagged by Gil Michel on 09/25/2008  
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