November 30th, 2020
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University of Pennsylvania Sponsors Special Grad School Info Session for HBCU Students and Graduates on Dec. 9th!
The University of Pennsylvania and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund are teaming up to recruit top talent for the world-renowned research institution.
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Fidelity is hiring as new customers and higher call volumes drive growth
At Fidelity, we have always believed that delivering a superior customer experience must start with providing the resources and tools to help our associates build a rewarding career. This has been especially critical over the last eight months, as we have had significant growth in new customers and accounts, and existing clients are more
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Have You Considered a Profession in the Environmental Sector? Consider the Masters of the Environment Graduate Program at CU!
If you’ve been considering making the switch to a meaningful profession in the environmental sector, the Masters of the Environment Graduate Program (MENV) at CU Boulder could be the right next step for your career.
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James Chapman Explains How His Social Platform App Can Have An Ethnic Focus While Offering Mainstream Appeal
HBCU Connect was a media attendee of TechCrunch Disrupt 2020, which like many events, took place virtually. During the event, HBCU Connect contributor Loren Moss was able to connect with James Chapman, founder of Plain Sight, an innovative business & consumer networking app that is oriented towards
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TMCF and The University of Pennsylvania Hosts Webinar To Introduce Graduate Programs to HBCU Students
The University of Pennsylvania and the Thurgood Marshall College Fund are teaming together to recruit top talent for the world-renowned research institution. Learn about the many graduate programs available that prepare students to become top-notch professionals in Design, Nursing, Social Policy,
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Mother and Son Both to Graduate from Alabama State University This Weekend
For most parents, commencement is a time to watch proudly as their children walk across the stage to receive their degrees. For Lauren Salter, the experience will be quite different. As the mother of Courtney, she will actually walk across the stage to receive her diploma
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The Commercial Real Estate Industry Needs You!
Prominent commercial real estate firms from across the country seek to hire high-performing college students for internships in brokerage, development, asset management, finance, marketing and so much more. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn about retail development and work on project
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The Thurgood Marshall College Fund / Hennessy Fellowship Program for HBCU Graduate Students - Apply Today!
We wrote about this a couple of weeks ago and we are still excited to bring you this wonderful opportunity for HBCU graduate students. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) and Hennessy will be selecting 10 candidates for this year's Hennessy Fellows Program thanks to a $10 million investment fr
(full article | comment)

Summer 2021 Internship Opportunity and Full-Time Work for Experienced Professionals
Here are a few internship and full-time job opportunities for upcoming graduating seniors and experienced professionals. For the internship, engineering majors welcome. For the full-time roles, looking for a network professional and a environmental and health specialist. Johns Manville is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium-quality insulation and commercial roofing, along with
(full article | comment)

Miles College Reverses a 5-year Enrollment Decline Despite COVID-19 Challenges
FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA –Miles College experienced a significant increase in new student enrollment for the 2020-2021 academic school year, the largest in 5 years. Enrollment numbers show an increase of 40 percent in the number of Miles College students attending college for the first time.
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Kamala Harris Becomes First Black Woman & HBCU Grad to Be Elected Vice President of The United States!
On Saturday, November 7th, it was declared official that the Biden-Harris ticket has won the nomination for President and Vice President of the United States of America.
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Kamala Harris, a Howard University alum, becomes first Black woman, South Asian elected Vice President
By Kathleen Ronayne (Associated Press) Original content at Kamala Harris made history Saturday as the first Black woman elected as vice president of the United States, shattering barriers that
(full article | comment)

Up to $50,000 in Scholarships/Stipend for HBCU Graduate Students - Apply Today!
In 2018, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) and Hennessy launched the Hennessy Fellows program. Thanks to a $10 million investment from Hennessy over the next ten years, we select 10 high-achieving, high-potential HBCU graduate students and provide soft skill resources, corporate development
(full article | comment)

Looking for a Career in Higher Education? Check out This Opportunity for a Director of Research Administration at NC State!
Get your foot in the door into higher education with NC State! A great place to work. NC State University scores high marks as a great place to work, according to a survey conducted by Forbes. The annual survey of America’s best employers by state places NC State in ninth place in North Carolina, well ahead of its rival institutions in the Triangle.
(full article | comment)

Evolving with People’s Needs: Listening, Learning, Trying, and Acting
Thinking back to six months ago, we were all facing challenges - the winter months were getting old, financial services competition was heating up, labor markets were getting tight, and many workers, including me, were acting on year-end performance reviews and jumping in to hit their new goals. But wow ... the challenge "bar" was certainly
(full article | comment)

HBCU CONNECT Is Hiring! Looking for Recent Marketing/Communications/English Grad for New Client Facing Role!
Looking for an opportunity to learn, work with clients at major corporations all over the country, and hone your skills as a professional in Marketing, Communications, English or Mass Communications?
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