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The Beginning of Dr. David Shabazz PhD

The Beginning of Dr. David Shabazz PhD
Posted By: Lyric Hill on December 09, 2021

“Make sure this is your passion; if this is your passion, it will feel like you haven’t worked a day in your life. Do something regardless if you are making money or not.”
- David L. Shabazz, PhD

From drawing on newspapers to now acting dean of college of humanities, business, and society; Dr. David L. Shabazz is a former newspaper and radio journalist. As he now teaches broadcasting and sports class at HBCU Kentucky State University, he became an advisor for the student newspaper, Thorobred news and also on the late weekly television program known as Campus Connect.
Let’s start from the beginning, Shabazz was born in the small town of Clinton, South Carolina, he lived with his mom, dad, and brother. “Every boy in my hometown played the big three sports – basketball, football, and baseball. I was no exception”. Shabazz still gained awards from playing baseball but it still wasn’t the drive he was aspiring to. His mother who is also a middle school English teacher, encouraged him and his brother to attended college and they gladly took up on the offer.
At the time Shabazz probably didn’t realize what was ahead of him, but soon surprised himself. As he went to college, he graduated with his BA in journalism at Benedict College in 1991; “I’m very excited because the 30-year anniversary of my class is coming soon”, Shabazz states. No stopping there, he got his MA in mass communication at the University of South Carolina, which is a predominately white institution (PWI) in 1994. At this institution is where Shabazz wrote a thesis on the famous rap group, Public Enemy. Shabazz wasn’t just collecting a degree; he was using his degree to became his own published writer. Shabazz and his brother Julian, wrote the book, Dolemite: The Story of Ruby Ray Moore, that was published in 1996. In writing this book there were speed bumps in the road when they were trying to find someone to help them publish it. “No one wanted to touch it, everyone said it was garbage, trash, and it wasn’t going to sell”. Little did Shabazz know in 2019, director Craig Brewer would create a movie, “Dolemite Is My Name” starring famous actor, comedian, and producer Eddie Murphy.

Knowing there were not too much information on Ruby Ray Moore a.k.a Dolemite; the production team had to use the research Shabazz and his brother used in their book dedicated to the late R-rated comedian.
Now that Shabazz was a published writer, things were moving up for him but it didn’t stop him from moving forward on in his education. He goes on and attends a major private school. Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and gets his M. ED in education. After being in North Carolina, he found his way to Frankfort, Kentucky in 2003, where he found a job at Kentucky State University as a speech professor but realizing there was no one in the department with a PhD, he put all his time and energy into becoming the first one. “No one forces me to go back to school, I went willingly for myself.” Shabazz states. Last but not least, in 2019 Shabazz had the honor to get his PhD in communication at Regent University, a private Christian university in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Shabazz is a man that loves to learn and made sure he was a master at all he does; as he had his foot through the door at KSU he continued to push through. After serving 2 years as interim Director of Public Relations, in 2007 he moved to LLP and is now a charter member of the mass communication and journalism program (MCJ) where they focus on four key areas for students; writing, critical thinking, discipline knowledge, and technology.
Now in present day, Shabazz is named acting dean of college of humanities, business, and society appointed July 1st ,2021; he also tenured associate professor journalism. “I hope to be promoted to the next rank within the next few years which is a full professor”. Shabazz has gained personal awards like; Educator of the Year (2019) from the Kentucky Communication association and Broadcasting adviser of the Year (2020) for College Media Association. Shabazz isn’t just proud of himself, he is even more proud of the awards that students he had taught have gained like; Broadcast Education association, College Media association, College Broadcasters INC., Society of Professional Journalists. Shabazz next goal is to one day start a campus chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). Only time will tell what the amazing David L. Shabazz, PhD will do, but KSU should be ready.

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