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"The President's Men: Black United States Marshals in America."

"The President
Posted By: Robert Moore on May 09, 2011

News Release & Press Advisory
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chigozie Achebe
04/15/11 (815) 229-2627

CHIGOZIE’S Literacy Café and Bookstore invites the media to a lecture featuring retired United States Marshal Robert Moore. The press will be provided with opportunities to interview Mr. Moore following the lecture.

Date: Friday, May 13, 2011
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Location: Rockford Public Library, Auditorium
Main Branch, 215 N. Wyman Street

ROCKFORD , April 15, 2011—Although he was well-known in history as a former ****, an outspoken slavery abolitionist, and women’s rights supporter, Frederick Douglass also was the first African-American Presidential Appointed U. S. Marshal. This little-known history fact and more will be presented in a community lecture by retired U. S. Marshal Robert Moore in the Main Branch of the Rockford Public Library, Auditorium on Friday, May 13, 2011. Moore, also a former Winnebago County Deputy Sheriff, will sign copies of his new book, entitled “The Presidents Men: Black United States Marshals,” at BORDERS, 199 Deane Drive, 6:00 PM.

After serving six law enforcement agencies during his thirty-five year law enforcement career, Moore was appointed U. S. Marshal for the Central District of Illinois by President William Jefferson Clinton on October 17, 1994, 117 years after Douglass’s appointment. In addition to his research and consulting work, Moore has created a traveling police exhibit to honor his colleagues and to educate the public about the contribution of Black U.S. Marshals, which debuted in Rockford in 2006. The discovery that Black Marshals’ contributions were left out of history books prompted Moore to tell their story by publishing the complete history of the nation’s oldest law enforcement agency, and the nine Presidents who appointed them (five Republicans and four Democrats). Moore’s book can be purchased at BORDERS, ordered from Black Marshals Publishing, 3709 Kingsley Drive Springfield, Illinois, or purchased online at

This event, presented in partnership with BORDERS, is one of several planned by CHIGOZIE’S Literacy Café and Bookstore. For the complete list of Spring and Summer events, including courses, workshops, and more visit our website at
CHIGOZIE’S Literacy Café and Bookstore seeks to address the root cause of low literacy, target a community of readers, and offer customers a personalized bookstore experience in Rockford and beyond.

Black Marshals Publishing
3709 Kingsley Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62711

The New Book, “The President Men: Black United States Marshals in America,” Author to discuss his new book and the 10 top traits that lead him to the lofty Executives Suites of Chief of Police and Presidential Appointed United States Marshal, which is reserved for the most talented and most accomplished in American's law enforcement workforce.

The black men and women who make it to the top in law enforcement as Chief of Police, Presidential appointed United States Marshal occupy the lofty executive suites reserved for the most talented and most accomplished in America's law enforcement workforce. Part of a powerful, elite group, they are frontline managers and law emforcement executives who help make the important law enforcement decisions in their communities and the federal goveernment that affect not only the safety of their respective communnities, but also protect the Constitutional Rights of millions of Americans whose lives are affected or influenced by these men and women.
Most men and women who pursue careers in law enforcement will not make it to the top. Those who do must demonstrate talent, good judgment, resourcefulness, and guts. George Lewis,and African American vice president and treasurer of Philip Morris Companies, Inc., says success requires hard work, total commitment, clear goals, and an understanding of what it takes to achieve them. "Prepare to seize opportunities as they arise," he advises. "You also must be willing to take risks, learning from both failures and successes.
Anyone aspiring to a law enforcement career can take inspiration from those top black Presidential appointed United Marshals, who are profiled in the new book “The Presidents Men :Black United States Marshals in America,” The men and women have proven that they have what it takes to excel in law enforcement and rise to the lofty suites reserves for the most talented as well as become effective leaders in their respective communities, despite the odds.
Prior to 1950 only three African American served the law enforcement community as frontline managers, executive or United States Marshal.. Frederick Douglass was appointed the first Black U.S. Marshal in 1877 by President Rutherford B. Hayes. The author was appointed by President Clinton 116 years later by President Clinton. During the initial appointment the author discovered that the contributions of black Marshals to our society was given two and one half sentence in the official history book.
Black Marshal Publishing: Robert Moore is President of Black Marshal Publishing and the author of the book “ The Presidents Men,” and the Police Magazine publication “Strategies for Increasing Black Police Executives”, he is a successful businessman with a profillo in real eatate. He has served the nation in three states as a community leaders and has served as both Chief of Police and as a Presidenrial appointed United States Marshal, appointed by President William J. Clinton, during a 36 year law enforcement career.
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