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Excessive Free Posting Posted on 07-24-2004

Charlotte, NC
okay moderators, we sposed to delete unnecessary posts and old topics... so with that said, i want y'all to watch this Taye~All~Day character... he's posting random smileys that have nothing to do with the topics that are at hand...i just deleted 35 of his posts in the HBCU Fellas forum, and he's doing it in Tha Yard as well.... if the smileys are in a thread that's useless and active... let it go or lock it... but if it's something that has relevance and there are no words on his posts... delete them... i don't do much activity as a moderator, but if somethin unnecessary comes up, i'm gonna act on it... and i hope that y'all do the same... keep an eye on your forums... :arrow:
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Home > Forums > Questions & Suggestions > Report Bugs or Get Help
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