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Job Title: Elementary Teaching Fellow (2020-2021)
Location: Boston Area, MA United States
Position Type: Full Time
Post Date: 09/19/2019
Expire Date: 11/19/2019
Job Categories: Education
Job Description
Elementary Teaching Fellow (2020-2021)
Our Mission
The mission of all of KIPP Massachusetts schools is to create an environment where students develop the academic skills, intellectual habits and character traits necessary to maximize their potential in high school, college and the world beyond. Our program is based on:

A focus on high-quality instruction supported by rigorous professional development to ensure that our students develop the academic skills necessary to pursue the life they choose.

A high regard for character development to ensure that our students and staff celebrate and develop their character and identity strengths.

An emphasis on family engagement, because we believe that our students are most likely to be able to maximize their potential when we work in partnership with our students and their families.

A focus on college readiness for all students so that all students can make choices about their post-secondary education and future.

What We Do
We seek to provide a world-class education for students from educationally underserved communities in Lynn and Boston. Our student demographics mirror those of neighborhood schools in terms of race, socioeconomic status, English Language Learners, and students who receive special education services.

Our promise to families is that their children will enter college and the professional world able to thrive academically due to their literacy, numeracy, and core knowledge in science and social studies. We also promise that our students will develop the zest for learning and grit necessary to persevere as they climb the mountain to and through college and career. Our graduates will be prepared to return to their community as teachers, leaders, and architects of continued growth in Lynn and Boston.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Vision
At KIPP Massachusetts, we believe that Knowledge is Power. Every day, our team and family have the opportunity to either perpetuate systems of oppression or disrupt them. We are compelled by the ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Therefore, we continuously commit to operate as an anti-racist organization.  Read more at Diversity Equity Inclusivity Vision.

Who We Are
KIPP Massachusetts began enrolling students in 2004. We currently hold two charters, operating two “districts.” Our first district, KIPP Academy Lynn Charter School, is based in Lynn, MA.  Our second district, KIPP Academy Boston Charter School, is based in Mattapan, MA. Each district is housed on one or more “campuses,” which we use to refer to different grade spans, for example, elementary grades, middle school grades, or high school grades.

In Lynn, KIPP Academy Lynn Elementary (serving grades K-4), KIPP Academy Lynn Middle (serving grades 5-8), and KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (serving grades 9-12), are all under our Lynn charter.  Admission to any grade in the Lynn district is admission to all remaining grades in the Lynn district K-12. 66% of our students in Lynn are Hispanic, 23% are African American and 11% are other races/ethnicities.

In Boston, KIPP Academy Boston Elementary (serving grades K-4), and KIPP Academy Boston (serving grades 5-8), are both under our Boston charter.  Admission to any grade in the Boston district is admission to all remaining grades in the Boston district, K-8. 68% of our students in Boston are African American, 30% are Hispanic and 2% are other races/ethnicities.

Across both districts, in school year 2019-20 KIPP Massachusetts will serve over 2,100 students.

KIPP National
KIPP Massachusetts partners with the KIPP Foundation, or KIPP National, which is a non-profit national network of college-preparatory public charter schools serving elementary, middle and high school students.  KIPP National has a 25-year track record of preparing our students in educationally underserved communities for success in college and life.

There are 242 KIPP schools in 20 states plus the District of Columbia educating over 100,000 students on their path to and through college and career.  We believe that excellent academic, safe and structured schools, empowered teachers, an emphasis on character development and support through college are the foundation for student success, and we strive to provide this for every student.

All KIPP schools, whether they are in Massachusetts or in other states, are part of the free public school system in their respective states and enrollment is open to all students.  KIPP public charter schools are given more academic and budgetary flexibility than traditional public schools, and in exchange commit to deliver high-quality academic results for students.

Elementary School Teaching Fellows

KIPP:MA Teaching Fellows are aspiring teachers who are committed to learning the craft of teaching through professional development, coaching, and hands-on practice in KIPP:MA Schools.  KIPP:MA Teaching Fellows spend each day teaching and learning alongside an experienced Teacher with the goal of becoming a KIPP:MA Lead Teacher. For the 2020 – 2021 school year, we are excited to welcome Elementary Fellows into our Kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms.

Teaching Fellows are an integral part of the classroom from the first days of school, forming strong and trusting relationships with students and families as they begin their journey with KIPP. Throughout the year, Teaching Fellows practice small group and whole group classroom management and gradually take on additional lead-teaching responsibilities, planning and executing more lessons.  Teaching Fellows will work with a grade level team to achieve their school’s ambitious goals for student character and academic achievement.

Teaching Fellows will grow and develop through a combination of personalized instructional coaching, Fellow-specific Professional Development focused on foundational skills for beginning teachers, and school and regional Professional Development on academics, character, and school and classroom culture.  KIPP:MA wants Teaching Fellows who are eager to work relentlessly for the most difficult and joyful profession imaginable. KIPP: MA Teaching Fellows are also eligible for a partial tuition scholarship to the BU Graduate School of Education if they are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree and MA Teacher’s License.

Responsibilities and Qualifications:

At KIPP, we believe that an excellent staff member does the following:

Believes that all of us can and will learn and creates a positive learning environment with high expectations for all students and staff throughout the school;

Thrives as part of a team-oriented, mission-driven culture;

Exudes joy and a love of learning every single day;

Demonstrates a growth mindset and a desire to continually improve through feedback, coaching, and professional development;

Constantly assesses progress, communicates results clearly, and uses data to inform decisions and set ambitious goals.

Has a strong work ethic and commits to doing whatever it takes for students to excel, including committing to an extended work day and remaining available to colleagues, students, and families outside of school hours

Qualifications & Requirements
Qualified candidates have the following:

Bachelor’s Degree required

Belief in the mission and values of KIPP

Desire to learn the craft of teaching through practice, coaching, and professional development

Prior experience working with children encouraged, but not required

Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and oral and written communication skills

Ability to manage multiple priorities in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment

To apply:

Internal candidates: If you are currently a member of the KIPP MA team, please apply by emailing your resume to the Recruitment Team at Talent@kippma.org.  Be sure to indicate to which position you wish to apply.


External candidates: If you do not currently work for the KIPP:MA team, please visit our job board at http://kippcareers.force.com/jobboard?site=Massachusetts and complete an online application.

Application process:

Submit your resume and application through our online job board.

The KIPP MA Recruitment Team will select candidates to complete a video interview to allow us to learn more about your goals and experiences. If selected, you will receive an email from the KIPP MA team with a link to the interview questions and instructions for uploading your answers.

Following the video interview, the KIPP MA team will invite qualified candidates to an in person interview day at a KIPP MA school.


Application timeline:

Please see the Teaching Fellow application deadlines and interview windows listed below.  Interviews will be held at either our Boston campus or our Lynn campus, but all candidates are considered for both locations.  (If you are invited to a Lynn interview day, you can be considered for a position in Lynn or Boston during that interview.)


Application deadline

Elementary Fellow Interviews


Oct 1st in Boston


Dec 17th in Lynn


Feb 27th in Lynn

Rolling until all positions are full

March 31st in Boston



The salary for a Teaching Fellow is $40,000 and includes a comprehensive benefits package.

KIPP MA is an employment at-will organization.

KIPP Massachusetts, KIPP Academy Lynn, and KIPP Academy Boston are equal opportunity employers. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, gender identity, religion, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, age, ancestry, special need, proficiency in the English language, or a foreign language. We are committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff and encourage applications from traditionally under-represented backgrounds.
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