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Furthering Your Education: 4 Tips to Getting into University as a Veteran (934 hits)
Attending college can enhance your career opportunities. However, it can be challenging for a veteran to get into college. There are a number of things that you will have to do to get into college as a veteran. Apply for Your Benefits All or part ...
Posted Friday, April 20th 2018 at 1:44PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Marketable Skills: 4 Career Tips to Help Land Your Dream Job (906 hits)
If you’re going after your dream job, you can make yourself a far more attractive candidate by building marketable skills. Potential employers will judge you in large part based on the skills you bring to the table. Having more skills or more develop ...
Posted Monday, March 5th 2018 at 12:48PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Brand New Business: 5 Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs (600 hits)
Taking your first step into the business world is exciting, and there’s nothing like building a business from the ground up. It certainly isn’t easy, though, but these five tips can get you started on the right foot. Research, Research and Researc ...
Posted Wednesday, February 28th 2018 at 11:46AM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Energy Efficient: 4 Ways Businesses Can Be More Green in 2018 (578 hits)
Some of the biggest dangers facing the earth today are things like global warming and pollution. If these challenges are to be met, it will require action from all corners of society. This also includes the business world. As a business student, you ...
Posted Monday, February 26th 2018 at 5:32PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Perpetual Education: 4 Ways Educators Can Improve Themselves (749 hits)
You might be a teacher, but that doesn’t mean you should stop learning. While your students might look up to you, there’s no reason to take this for granted. Respect is earned, not guaranteed, after all. You need to do all you can to show them (and y ...
Posted Wednesday, February 14th 2018 at 11:24AM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Looking to Teach? 5 Tips for Educators-to-Be (985 hits)
Studying to become a teacher means that you’re taking a dream and turning it into a reality. As you sit in class and absorb the lessons, you may feel ready to head into your own classroom. While having this energy and stamina is key, so is integratin ...
Posted Monday, February 5th 2018 at 1:05PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Injured on the Job? 4 Essential Worker's Comp Tips to Read Before Joining the Workforce (776 hits)
While no employer wants it to happen, workplace injuries can and do occur. According to numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.9 million nonfatal injuries sustained in 2016 by employees that worked for private companies. It’ ...
Posted Friday, January 5th 2018 at 12:17PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Learning to Lead: 4 Tips for Future Executives (810 hits)
The idea that leaders are born, not made is a myth. Even though certain people have a natural knack for leading others, anyone can become an effective leader by putting in the work. If you want to one day take on the responsibility of working in a ma ...
Posted Tuesday, December 19th 2017 at 11:06AM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Stable Start-Up: A Few Tips for the Transition from Business Major to Business Owner (561 hits)
One of the most difficult things you can do is become an entrepreneur and start your own business. Statistics suggest that 32 percent of companies fail within their first two years of existence. Starting your own company is certainly a difficult ende ...
Posted Monday, December 11th 2017 at 4:47PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Home-Business How-To: 4 Things Every Entrepreneur-to-be Should Know (1002 hits)
Many young business students dream of starting a business in their own home. Working whatever hours you want and being able to spend all of your time at home and close to your family is very enticing. Unfortunately, setting up a business of this natu ...
Posted Wednesday, November 29th 2017 at 5:17PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Establishing Yourself: A Short Guide to Starting a Private Practice (939 hits)
Starting a private practice is a terrific way for an experienced doctor to assert their medical expertise and join the business world as well. In order to be successful in this environment, you need to be properly prepared. Not only do you need to ha ...
Posted Monday, November 20th 2017 at 6:18PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Learning the Law: 4 Ways Law Students Can Jump-Start Their Careers (888 hits)
As a law student, you’re receiving an education all about the world of legal issues and more. While your education within your school is important, it’s also crucial to learn things through a first-hand experience. Having the ability to know the ins ...
Posted Wednesday, November 15th 2017 at 7:48PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Discover Your Potential: How to Be Truly Successful (801 hits)
Everyone has their own definition of success. Some consider themselves successful if they simply have a job that pays them enough to live comfortably. Others want more out of life. They need to feel like they’re reaching their full potential to truly ...
Posted Tuesday, November 7th 2017 at 1:22PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Not Sure How To Pay For College? Flexible Financial Options To Help (572 hits)
Getting a college education is one of the most expensive endeavors that you will undertake. Therefore, it is only natural that you may be concerned about your ability to pay. The good news is that there are several options available to those who are ...
Posted Friday, August 11th 2017 at 3:28PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
A Safer World: How Data Analytics is Improving Our Quality of Life (940 hits)
If you're choosing what to study, you may have stumbled across data analytics. Safety analysts in both public and private sectors have been tracking statistics for a long time now. However, this slow science has been replaced today by something far m ...
Posted Wednesday, August 9th 2017 at 3:31PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Pursuing Your Potential: 5 Tips to Finding the Right Career (1575 hits)
Deciding on your career path can be tricky. It involves plenty of soul-searching as well as thinking practically. An ideal career is one that fulfills you but is also enjoyable. So, how do you narrow it down? Here are five tips to finding the right c ...
Posted Thursday, July 20th 2017 at 6:45PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Kids and Curriculums: 4 Pointers for Parents in College (1016 hits)
Life can be surprising at times, and going back to school as a parent is one twist in your life's story. There are more adults going back to college nowadays, but parents have a little more to worry about than others. The following are five pointers ...
Posted Friday, July 14th 2017 at 3:17PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Medical Students: 4 Criminally Underrated Healthcare Degrees (508 hits)
The medical field is booming. Advances in technology are expanding the medical field, and with it demands and jobs. As jobs increase so do salaries and the demand for careers in various specific medical careers. Choosing the right career in this e ...
Posted Thursday, June 8th 2017 at 10:54AM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
4 Ways You Can Find Peace by Seeking A Higher Level Of Learning (844 hits)
A number of people are seeking peace of mind. In fact, a survey found that this is more important than wealth. The problem is that most people are feeling the opposite of peace at the moment. Another survey found that people are more stressed now tha ...
Posted Monday, June 5th 2017 at 12:01PM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
Degree Dillemmas: 5 Ideas to Help You Choose a Major (1374 hits)
Figuring out what you want to do with your life is not easy, and no one expects it to be. In fact, a recent survey performed at a well-known college noted that 80 percent of students (some had chosen a major) were unsure of what they wanted to be. Th ...
Posted Thursday, May 25th 2017 at 10:37AM
by: Kara Masterson | post comment
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